A note from the founder of Liquid Website. I’m the guy on the right, only a bit wiser and more learned now.

Why LiquidWebsite? A liquid website layout will expand or contract as needed for your audience, they may have different screens and different needs. It’s about flow, liquid goes with everything, liquid can change anytime. With a LiquidWebsite, you can easily stay up to date with your audience.

I love it when you own your content and take interest in your website.

LiquidWebsite does not hold your website hostage, you can make your own changes on your own time, I find that makes for happy, well adjusted clients! This is a “Content Management System” (CMS), we’ve been using them for every new client since 2007. We make your website and we teach you how and we follow up to keep it fresh.

With LiquidWebsite you’re not dealing with a huge company and offshore tech support. We can talk on the phone while you (or we) make changes, and you are treated to online sessions where you can learn as little, or as much as you like.

OK, if you must know about me…it’s me time.

What entices me to innovate and create web stuff that you can be proud of?

  • I love my work, I live my work, so you don’t have to!
  • 15+ years of performing for Corporations, Small Business and People.
  • A huge toolbelt and a bag of tricks.
  • I’m perpetually learning new technologies by listening to podcasts, reading, practicing and prototyping, only possible when you are your own boss 😉
  • I’ll teach you just what you need to know, you are guaranteed to come out of our project knowing more web stuff and with more web confidence.
    All of this Web Technology is applied on your behalf.

You can email me easily with the quick Contact Page

What do you want?

While we can do simple, quick and cheap, you can also get an online store or a self serve website.

Our specialty is doing websites that don’t look like they’re chipped off the same block as everyone else’s, you can have a unique place on the internet, and it will be catered to fit your needs.

If you want some history,  a loose resume follows:

No Liquid Will Be Served Before It’s Time

Having started in Graphic Design, Product Brochures and Programming just before the Internet took off, those very skillsets found a new career for me in 1994. That was the year of my first website, a graphics gallery, and then an mp3 streaming music website in 1995. 1996 brought cavedive.com a bustling center of underwater cave exploring activity, before interactivity was in vogue (still online as a historical legacy documenting an amazing discovery).

Propelled into the first internet boom of the late 90’s, I became lead web engineer for GTE Information Systems Division in the Washington DC beltway. Being the first full time web engineer at the division, I got to interview my colleagues and our team grew to 22 members doing websites mostly for Federal Agencies like DOT, DUATS flight management for airports and pilots, Fedwireless which sold wireless stuff to the government through GSA and many more large scale contracts.

Near the end of the first internet boom

The Corporate Division I worked for was bought by a Defense Contractor and I was out of there. Back to building websites for individuals and small companies, just where I like it.

Fast Forward to the Here and Now

Since then, many new technologies have added to my skillset, e-commerce (shopping cart websites), blogs, CMS websites (Content Management Systems) that the client can take over and freely make changes, and my favorite art and graphics websites.

Speaking of Liquid

Enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage, and think about what you’d like to do next on the internet. Then feel free to share your vision with me, using Liquid Website design you’d be surprised at what’s possible.

Liquid Website:

It’s not just me time anymore, we have a dedicated team with specialists in:

  • Content Managment
  • SEO
  • Website Development
  • Custom Facebook pages
  • Facebook and google adwords
  • Newsletters and Eblasts
  • E-Commerce

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