To see what we do with E-Commerce you can check our portfolio.

E-Commerce Technology:

  • Industrial strength stores, built from the ground up to grow. We are experts in secure, hacker proofed stores since 1997. For you techies, Cre Loaded is quite possibly the best variant of OSCommerce open source stores out there, it’s a mature product, time tested and hardened. For you real techies, we now do Magento, the latest greatest, and then we integrate Magento with WordPress for the best of both worlds! This is considered the hottest setup by the pros.
  • High Reliability, fault tolerant, fast servers in data centers around the world. We have servers on the East Coast, West Coast, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, UK and even Singapore. Wanna play a game?…traceroute some of our websites.
  • Secure servers with encrypted connections. SSL Certificates direct from the source, installed professionally.
  • Credit Card security. We make sure that your customer’s credit card information isn’t sitting on the server or sent around in plain text email, you’d be surprised at what we’ve seen 😉
  • Product Catalogs which automatically feed their products to Google, Amazon and web shopping engines, pictures and all.
  • Newsletters and subscriber lists. Reports which show who opened your newsletter, who clicked what product and when.
  • SEO product articles. It’s not good enough to just place a catalog online and expect it to sell products by random search hits. We create articles (if you are having writer’s block), post them to your website, and link directly to your products. This way people end up on your website because there is interesting information and products.