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Some websites I’ve finished lately:

Highly allocated local wines available for sale on an ecommerce website. – “I can add my own products and make new web pages from my own computer”. That’s what you’ll be saying to your friends and colleagues. The store is fully secure, encrypted, and keeps track of your products.

This one happens to be a Wine Store with extra features. It turned out to be a good tour guide for the area because the website owner added her own beautiful pages like this one -> Planning a Visit.

Tech talk: The product catalog is kept online, with images, featured items, sale coupons, reviews, shipping calculator, and secure server all bundled and included. You manage this store through a Web Browser.

School staff and even students can add stuff to their website easily.

School staff and even students can add stuff to their website easily. – This school needed an affordable website fast. All the content is theirs which they had fun putting online. The website is a vibrant place which changes often because of the ease of adding not only text, but lots of pictures as well.

Tech talk: They have the pictures of their students password protected which is also a feature.

A very quick and simple website to merely present information and some photos of the Dentist's Office. – Dr. Richard Ringrose of Lakeshore Dental Practice in Clearlake was named President of the California Academy of General Dentistry for 2009 at the academy’s annual meeting in San Francisco. He leads the second-largest dental organization in the state, representing all nonspecialized dentists in California.

Tech talk: The website for the Dental Practice is easily maintained with a Content Management System which is so simple to add or change content that dental staff members can do it. A very straightforward and simple website, you can get this in 6 days or less.

This website has since been re-designed, and the new one has helped to sell out more than 80% of the available condo units...even these times! Look harder and you'll find the new website here.

This website has since been updated, and the new one has helped to sell out over 80% of the available units!..even in these times. – A Real Estate website that was switched away from an expensive marketing firm and completely redone in less than a month.

The owner was not able to get content changes without going through various channels. Now they can change content directly in less than a day.

This website has a lot of Flash on it, but is also made so that the search engines can find it easily, that’s not usual with Flash websites!

Tech talk: This website uses a new Content Management System that can be updated on a daily basis using a Internet Explorer or Firefox! Everything on the website is searchable onsite, and all changes are automatically added to a sitemap which submits nightly to google, yahoo, msn and

An example of how custom work can take an ecommerce store to an art form. The home page is sparse by design, any click and the website transforms. – An online jewelry store with an extensive product line and a unique website template, not your typical overwhelmingly busy storefront!

This website also has a splash page that is unlike most, it’s fully functional, yet simplified, which allows the user to take a breath and focus on viewing products instead of website features. The rest of the website is a full featured online store website while sharing the same design.  Tech talk: The Store employees can constantly update their product catalog, and information pages at any time, for free, through a simple web page interface. Whenever a product is being purchased, the store goes into a Secure, Encrypted session. SEO or Search Engine Optimization efforts have resulted in this store jumping to #1 in google for certain keyword searches, with over 100,000 hits in it's fourth month.

A Canadian clothing supplier for disabled people. There are many unique and well appreciated products here. – An online ecommerce website featuring custom made and adapted designer clothing for people living with disabilities.

This store is in Canada, so the website backend automatically calculates sales taxes for US, British Columbia, or the rest of Canada…yes, they are three different rates.

A full color printed catalog is the accompanying sister product for the website. It is designed and published by Liquid Website, and is downloadable directly from the website as well.

Tech talk: In addition to the online Store, we do the Printed Mailing Catalog requiring lots of Adobe Indesign skills for a more compact layout than the website presentation. It's a regular Catalog.
Save postage, save trees ;-)

An antique store that the dealer can update easily and often to reflect his changing inventory. – An antique gallery online using E-Commerce Simply Done. The website owner blogs an item and it goes up on sale on his website, it’s that easy!

Tech talk: The blog postings create a product catalog, which adds them to the website and creates the "Buy Now" buttons. When the item sells, it changes the product to "Sold"

A website for a artists. The key was to not get in the way of the art while highlighting it in a dramatic way. – An artist’s website with high quality Giclée prints available for online purchase. The Gallery page is my favorite area. The artist’s style uses embedded imagery and the paintings change themselves when viewing in different perspectives. The website assists the effect by flipping images

Tech talk: The three-phase glow buttons at the top on the Navigation Bar light up the wall texture behind them. This required some time in Photoshop to create the backlit gallery halogen effects.