Website Portfolio

Some of the latest Liquid Websites...

Meisch Temple Massager
Features: This website supports a single product with huge resale ability. The product and it's accessories are all shown in a scroller on the home page, the website visitors get the whole scoop without scrolling or clicking.
Of course there is plenty to scroll and click on if you are so inclined.
Owner Benefits: The Inventor and his helpers are easily adding new news press releases, letters of approval by large medical research projects and youtube videos to the new website.
Website purpose: To show a product and explain it's use, user testimonials automatically rotate on every page.
The Blue Heron Restaurant
A restaurant, pub and music venue. Features: A restaurant, pub and music venue.
Events are listed and menus are easily changed.
Owner Benefits: Music events easy to list and automatically are taken down after the date of the show, and Menus are easily changed.
Website purpose: To show the fine atmosphere of the restaurant, and it's pub. To create a public SEO spot for the music groups that play here.
The Best of Sonoma
Features: Showcasing dozens of websites, searchable and sortable. A wowing slide show on the home page with descriptions and hot links.
Owner Benefits: The owner can add and edit websites easily with this Content Management System (CMS), they can also add recipes with cool little thumbnail pictures that are automatically added to the home page from the full size version of the food picture on the recipe page.
Website purpose: Reflecting the ambiance and quality lifestyle of the Sonoma wine country.
Global Quarters
Features: Each property has a strong showing visually with a slideshow for many.
Owner Benefits: From the real estate office, they can add properties and articles. This is built on the Joomla CMS which is designed for more in house editors than WordPress.
Website purpose: Many beautiful residences in France, San Francisco, Hawaii and other locales around the world are viewable here with simple virtual tours.
Options: The monthly website traffic report shows what can be done to enhance the interest of our website visitors by making simple suggestions to the website owner, who then act upon the suggestions or approve us to do it.
San Marin Dental Care
Features: Patient Testimonials change at the top of every page.
Owner Benefits: The owner can add and edit websites easily with this WordPress CMS (Content Management System), web guy is now optional.
We do however work on this website every month because they are on the first page of Google for all of their important keywords, now that's SEO!
Website purpose: To showcase the dentist, staff and office.
Mr Tromblys Tea
Features: Over 100 teas both in store and on the website with luscious photos of the loose teas laying out, both in high resolution closeup and regular size to show in a summary view.
Owner Benefits: This CMS allows the owner to add teas, teapots, and articles whenever they like.
Options: The store owner is so busy that the monthly Content Management package allows us to help keep his website fresh and updated. We keep track of what needs doing, what's been done and keep the flow going.
Website purpose: Online E-Commerce website which is industrial strength and can handle thousands of products, as well as publishing articles in a blog format on the same website.
Christopher Queen Galleries
Features: Vivid, full size paintings are portrayed faithfully and easily for the large portfolio of artists represented by the gallery.
Owner Benefits: Frequently changing gallery shows, which move themselves to the "Past Shows" section automatically. The Artist's bio attaches itself next to all of their paintings by simply clicking a checkbox on the backend.
Website purpose: Early California landscape painters and modern landscape painters of the Northern California coast in the Plein Air style can shine here, the website does not distract from the art, instead is a platform to showcase it.
Options: The "frontend" is what the website visitors see, and their comments liken to "beautiful", "elegant", "clean", the "backend" is beautiful to us at Liquid Website.
California Academy of General Dentistry
Features: The official website of the statewide California Academy of General Dentistry. This website is focused on our more than 2,500 Dentists who are members in California.
Owner Benefits: The online registration system handles dozens of courses all over the state. There is a entire private section of the website where the 2,500+ Academy members can log in and register and pay online for Continuing Education courses, see all of their previous courses, get credits for attending and much more.
Website purpose: Their members and even other dentists can register and pay for our "Continuing Education" courses (CE) which is accreditation above and beyond a DDS or DMD degree.
Duncans Mills Official Town website
Features: Most merchants in town have a presence on this website, which serves as a busy gateway to their own websites...if they have one, if not, it serves as their starter website.
Owner Benefits: Each business has their own page, with a checkmark for they specialize in, like "dining", or "gallery", then they automatically show up in that category.
Website purpose: To combine the individual businesses customers and audience into a vibrant hub of activity.
Options: Events Calendar which is easy to add an event to, it makes a page for each event and takes it down after the event has occurred.
Liquid Metal Jewelry
Features: An online jewelry store with an extensive product line. The home page is not your typical overwhelmingly busy storefront! The rest of the website is a full featured online store website while sharing the same design.
Owner Benefits: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts have resulted in this store jumping to #1 in google searches, with over 400,000 hits and 4,500 page views in a month.
Website Purpose: Liquid Metal Jewelry made by Sergio Gutierrez, we have the largest selection available on the web.
Testimonial: "My web guy is like no other, we sell lots of jewelry online and now he shows me a chart of people who look at our newsletter and click on the links."
Disabled Services Clothing
Features: An online ecommerce website featuring custom made and adapted designer clothing for people living with disabilities.
Owner Benefits: This store is in Canada, the website automatically takes care of the three different sales taxes for US, British Columbia, or the rest of Canada.
Website Purpose: An online ecommerce website featuring custom made and adapted designer clothing for people living with disabilities.
Northern California Academy of General Dentistry
Features: The official website of the Northern California Academy of General Dentistry.
Owner Benefits: This is one of five sister websites to represent the largest state in the national organization called the AGD. It's blended with the statewide website and the other four branches, so the vitality and traffic are combined, yet the NCAGD has their own place on the web.
Website purpose: The members of the NCAGD and even other dentists can sign up and pay for our "Continuing Education" courses (CE) which is accreditation above and beyond a DDS or DMD degree.
Appling Insurance
Features: A clean and simple website, quick and affordable.
Owner Benefits: Despite being a low end website, the owner receives the same high quality support from Liquid Website.
Website purpose: Most business need a website, and this serves it's purpose, allowing the business to get back to business instead of becoming a website developer.
Liquid Website
Features: This website in a previous incarnation. We want to capture this moment in time and development, so that the changes to the website will be obvious.
Owner Benefits: Unlike Print, Websites are liquid. Print wastes paper and doesn’t reflect your latest information, how many brochures and business cards have you scrapped? Here's a newsflash: Web first, print later.
Website purpose: Why LiquidWebsite? A liquid website layout will expand or contract as needed for your audience, they may have different screens and different needs. It’s about flow, liquid flows everywhere, anytime, reflects any color, fills any void.
Doctor Ringrose - Master of the Academy of General Dentistry
Features: Shows the local flavor of the Clearlake area where the dental office is located.
Owner Benefits: Low maintenance is a helpful thing for the website for a dental office, so the website has local weather which updates with nice pictures automatically. Of course they can update their own pages if they choose to, like every Liquid Website done in the last four years.
Website purpose: Dr. Richard Ringrose of Lakeshore Dental Practice in Clearlake was named President of the California Academy of General Dentistry for 2009 at the academy’s annual meeting in San Francisco. He needed a website fast, we provided it, quick, simple, clean, affordable.

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages that are guaranteed to stand out because you can't create them with Facebook!

Lazar Homes - custom facebook page
Features: A social marketing addition to support an existing real estate website.
Owner Benefits: Liquid Website does monthly Content Management by grabbing the images from the real estate website and updating the Facebook page to show what's new.
Website purpose: A custom Facebook page which has a slideshow not normally available on Facebook. This way the Facebook crowd doesn't have to leave the platform to see the latest property listings.
The Best of Sonoma - custom facebook page
Features: Do you have a website, but also want to do the Facebook thing? Well this is a prime example, the website was already done once, so we just duplicated it onto the Facebook platform.
Owner Benefits: Simply put: You cannot do what we have done with the Facebook platform.
Website purpose: The original website does not need to be re-created, we take the content and double leverage it into Facebook on behalf of the owners.
Facebook Ads
Features: Facebook ads are a way to reach an audience that doesn't hang out on the web proper.
Owner Benefits: Yet another social platform, yet another adspace? Yep, we'll help because we're all over it anyway.
Website purpose: If you want to make your Facebook page work for you, an ad is one of most effective ways. You can target a local audience to only pay and only pull in traffic from people near your business or event!
Notes: This ad was created by us, for Mark Zuckerberg's dad, who happens to be a dentist...well not anymore, we can now say that he's moved to California and professionally consulting after the $100 millionaire announcement. We ran this ad and talked to him one month before that pivotal day.

Blogs - web guy industry stuff

A 24/7 world accessible blog of the things that are helpful in a way that makes it easy to remember or share later.

Features: Google Tips and Tricks, since 2007.
Owner Benefits: When you see them in one place, over time the questions and answers really start to add up.
Website purpose: Mostly Google and SEO stuff, onsite optimization, offsite optimization, hosting, with some software and computers thrown in. Warning: If you click this one, the website background is random and there's some shocking ones.
WordPress Tips and Tricks
Features: WordPress Tips and Tricks.
Owner Benefits: This blog just keeps on giving, not just to us, it's grown quite popular.
Website purpose: WP is our favorite CMS. Does that make sense?